Welcome to Esquimalt Medical Clinic

Esquimalt's Sole Primary Care Network

3-1153 Esquimalt Rd,

 Victoria BC, V9A 3N7

 T: 778-265-4305     F: 778-265-4306


Walk-in Clinic


Our full-service walk-in clinic operates Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, doctor availability permitting. Please see the Walk-in page for more details on how to best utilize our walk-in clinic, and our current schedule.

Family Practice


The Esquimalt Medical Clinic hosts four family practices under the care of Dr. Cynthia Barco, 

Dr. Andrew Jervis, Dr. Frank Clarke, and 

Dr. David Bos. Unfortunately these practices are full,  and none are accepting new patients.

Specialty Clinics


There are currently four General Practitioner-run specialty clinics active at the Esquimalt Medical Clinic. The Civil Aviation Clinic, the Minor Surgery (Lumps and Bumps) Clinic, the HIV PrEP Clinic, and the ICBC Clinic.

 Please follow the link for more details.