Esquimalt Walk-In Clinic


Our typical Walk-in Clinic hours are:

Monday-Saturday: 9-5, closed 12-1 for lunch
Sunday: CLOSED
We are closed all statutory holiday weekends

Patient registration begins each day at 8:45 am


For the current estimated wait time, updated every 30 minutes, please follow the link below to the website and look for our clinic's current notice.

Current estimated wait time


In an effort to provide more access to health care providers in a community that is in dire need, we are now offering VirtualCare appointments most Wednesday evenings from 5:30 pm to 8 pm.  Bookings MUST occur in-office. For more information please visit our office, or click on the link below.


Walk-in Clinic Schedule*

How to Utilize the Walk-in Clinic


What to Expect at a Walk-in Clinic


1. Estimated wait time. The time you are asked to return to the clinic is our best guess as to when you will be seen; however, staff cannot predict when certain cases will take longer than expected or when an emergency will arise. 

2. Limited appointment time. This is to ensure everyone is afforded time with the doctor. As your time is limited we recommend you discuss only your most pressing issue with the doctor. If you have multiple issues to discuss, you may wish to briefly list your issues at the start of your appointment, and then together determine what to focus on at the current visit.

3. Respectful behaviour optimizes care. Be mindful of your actions and demeanour when needs and emotions are running high. Disrespectful behaviour increases the likelihood of confusion, miscommunication, and longer wait times. Abuse of any sort is not tolerated and may result in permanent removal from the clinic.

4. Walk-in clinics will not receive and store your chart.

5. Certain medications such as narcotic painkillers are not generally prescribed. Such medications require close monitoring that is not suited to the Walk-in clinic care model. 

6. Walk-in clinics do not refill prescriptions over the phone or by fax.

7. Walk-in clinic appointments cannot be booked over the phone. We require you to register on the day, in person. You may send a friend or family member to initially register for you if necessary.

8. Test results.  You will be recalled to the clinic if the doctor deems a follow-up on your results to be necessary. If you have not heard from the clinic and are feeling anxious about a test or your symptoms are persisting, contact the clinic and consult with the clinic staff.

9. Inform the staff about the reason for your visit.  This will allow us to prepare for your visit, speeding up the process.

10.  Alert the staff immediately if you are experiencing an acute medical emergency.  Do not wait until you are in the room with the doctor, alert the staff at intake.

Some Suggestions to Help you at this Time

 -If you do not have a family doctor, pick one walk-in clinic to be your primary source of care. This will ensure continuity of care as your chart is developed there.

-If you are using a specific walk-in as your primary source of care you may start requesting medical reports be copied to that clinic.

-Ensure you update the clinics that you attend with any changes to your phone number or address.

-To determine the current estimated wait time of your walk-in clinic, go to

-Chronic Disease Management, Annual Physicals, and Procedures require longer appointments and should be ideally performed by your family doctor. If this is not possible, plan for multiple visits at the same walk-in clinic. Discuss with the walk-in physician what the plan is for the next visit(s). Although this may not be ideal, it will ensure you receive the care you need despite the constraints of the walk-in clinic model.

- Pap Smears, STD Checks, and Sexual Health visits are all services offered at walk-in clinics, but are also provided by Island Sexual Health ( where you can pre-book appointments.

-HealthLinkBC provides access to non-emergency health information and advice. You can call 811 or visit 24 hours a day. 

Useful Resources – Search repository of all local community health and social service programs. – check local lab wait times, pre-book appointments, and access your results

Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Addictions and Social Services

Vancouver Island Crisis Line - 24/7 short-term non-judgemental emotional, support, crisis intervention, information, and resources. p) 1-888-494-3888 w)

Umbrella Society - Substance use issues support services p) 250-380-0595 w)

Victoria Cool Aid Society – Housing and support services p) 250-383-1977 w)

Foundry – Ages 12-24 – Prevention, intervention health and social services to support young people's well-being. 

p) 250-383-3552 w)